A Chat with Judith

Q: Why work with Judith for undergraduate applications?

JSH: I devote individual attention to our clients. I do not subcontract out to editors and interviewers, so you benefit directly from my 20 years of admissions experience. bThere are many ways to find the right fit for college. Working closely with students and their families allows me to learn a great deal about the educational and social objectives of the student, which helps us find that fit.

I have first-hand admissions experience as Associate Director of Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania where I read and counseled more than 10,000 applicants, both from the U.S. and abroad. I served most recently as a Senior Associate Director of Admissions at the Wharton School M.B.A. Program, and I also maintain a strong pulse on the undergraduate process.

My admissions experience with university graduate programs is helpful for students who may be considering advanced degrees after their undergraduate careers. An educational path follows a continuum, and my expertise in this arena allows me to help my clients plan for their long- range educational goals.

Q: When should I begin working with Judith?

JSH: It’s almost never too early to start planning for college. I get calls now from parents of sixth-graders who want to know what extracurricular activities they should be involved with if they eventually want to go to business school!

That does seem a little extreme, but my experience is that if you start the process in eighth or ninth grade, you increase your chances for success. If you have a general plan, a set of goals and a way of talking about them before junior and senior years , that can take a lot of the stress off of families during the application process. That doesn’t mean you must have a list of schools to which you want to apply, but it means you have thought about the your interests and ideas about the ways in which you envision your college experience as you begin to work with me.

Q: Does Judith write application essays?

JSH: The most important thing I offer is support for the college applicant. College admissions committees want to read applications that actually are in the voice of the student who wants to attend their college, and they usually can tell if the work isn’t genuine. I offer suggestions from my experience, but I am very careful to have the application be the work of the students themselves.

Q: Can you guarantee I will get in to my first-choice school?

JSH: No reputable college admissions advisor can guarantee that you will be admitted to a particular school. What I will do is support your top-notch application to a variety of schools that would be a good fit for you. I am dedicated to helping you present yourself, in the best possible light, to the colleges you choose. We’ll work together to find out what matters most to you and your family in a school ,and support you in thinking about your goals, and how to reach them. I will work with you on all aspects of your application presentation and discuss decisions you’re making now, both about academic classes and co-curricular experiences, before you apply.

Q: How will Judith work with me on my applications?

Understanding that you are most likely working on your applications on nights and weekends, I am available to schedule phone , email or skype appointments so we be productive when you have applications that you want to discuss. International time zones never pose a problem; we will work around your hectic school and extra-curricular schedule!

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